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Ethereum betting sites

Ethereum betting is a betting system where the cryptocurrency, Ethereum or Ether, is accepted as a means of payment. In Ethereum betting sites, deposits and withdrawals are made using Ether. And because of the many benefits of the blockchain technology it operates on, it has become the next big thing in crypto gambling. So if you’re looking to explore the world of Ethereum betting, we’ve got all the information you’ll need to get started. Here, we discuss the things you should consider while looking for an Ethereum betting site to sign up for.

How To Bet with Ethereum

If you are looking for information on how to bet with Ethereum, we've outlined a few tips to help you.

Step 1: Create A Betting Account

First, you need to sign up for a betting platform that accepts payment in Ether.

Step 2: Create A Wallet Account

Whenever you purchase your Ethereum assets, a wallet is where you get to keep them before using them to fund your wagers. So you have to install a wallet and create an account on the wallet platform before going on to the next step discussed below.

Step 3: Create An Exchange Account

Next, you can search for any exchanges in the market and buy the units of ether coins you plan to play with. These coins will be delivered to your wallet.

Step 4: Place Your Bets

Using the Ethereum coins in your wallet, you can fund your betting account from which you get to place your bet. You only need to link your wallet to your betting account and then specify the units of Ethereum to be withdrawn from the wallet. This withdrawn amount can now be used to fund your wager.

The Best Place To Bet On Sports With Ethereum

If you’re looking for the best place to bet on sports with Ethereum, you can check out our top recommendation, On signing up at the platform, you immediately benefit from the generous sign-up bonus. You can also explore a variety of sports games and casino games while enjoying the tips and advice offered on the platform.

The Things To Look Out For In Ethereum Betting Sites

Here are some of the most important things to look for in an Ethereum gambling site.

Available Betting Markets

The best Ethereum gambling sites provide their users with a glut of options in terms of the betting markets available. You should be able to play all your favorite games at various markets, translating to an infinite number of possible outcomes.

Bonuses And Promotions

Most Ethereum betting platforms offer bonuses and promotions to entice potential customers and keep the older ones. These bonuses start from the sign-up bonus, usually given to people who’ve just opened a new betting account. Other bonuses include no deposit bonus and deposit bonus, while promotions come in on occasions to spice up your play. The best Ethereum gambling sites know the roles that these bonuses play, and so they are very generous with them.

Security And Safety

Ethereum gambling sites offer a relatively safer and more secure environment than traditional gambling. The Ethereum blockchain technology is decentralized, meaning no single body is in charge of the system. And because of the sturdy encryption layers that apply to user data, your privacy is never in doubt. However, you still have to play your part in protecting your assets from fraudsters. Your private keys should be guarded intently, so you remain in control of your wallet.

Licensing And Regulations

Sports betting with crypto and the larger gambling industry is greatly regulated. So any operator that seeks to operate legitimately must pass through the lens of the industry watchdogs. Whether it is the UK gambling commission, the Malta gaming authority, or a local regulator, your choice of bookmaker should be backed by an industry regulator.

Service Fees And Extra Charges

Ethereum gambling platforms charge some of the lowest transaction fees in the larger gambling industry. Its peer-to-peer payment system eliminates the need for intermediaries that sometimes clog the payment conduit. And because of this, deposits are very cost-effective and made very quickly, while withdrawals tow the same path. You are only charged the relevant credit/debit card fees and a very minimal fee regardless of the volume of your transactions.


Crypto betting is the use of cryptocurrency to place bets. Unlike the traditional betting system that uses fiat currencies, crypto betting involves making deposits and processing withdrawals in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Crypto sports betting is legal in some places and illegal in others. So before you place your first bet, you need to check with the laws to know if they are strict or relaxed when it comes to regulating the crypto gambling industry.

In crypto esports betting, cryptocurrency is the main means of payment used in staking on esports games. The best place to bet on sports with cryptocurrency will provide a quick, easy, and secure platform for all your gaming exploits.