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How to Find the Best Crypto Betting App

Find the right crypto betting app! Use this guide to help
Seeking a good crypto betting app? Learn how to spot a good one using this handy guide! We can help you find the right crypto betting options!


As crypto currencies become ever more popular the number of betting sites offering crypto as a payment method is growing. More and more betting sites are giving their customers the option of funding their accounts using crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. As the number of crypto betting sites grows, so does the number of operators offering their customers the chance to use a crypto betting app.

In this article we’ll give you five things to watch out for when choosing a crypto betting app. We’ll also give you a few tips for making better use of any such apps that you do decide to use. Read on to find out more about selecting the right crypto betting site app!

5 features of a good crypto betting app

So, what do you need to watch out for when looking for an app for betting with crypto? When you’re making use of a blockchain betting platform, you can watch out for these things to see if the app on offer is a good one or not.

  • It has good device compatibility, and you can use it with Android or iOS devices as necessary.
  • All deposits and withdrawals are handled with security, and there is no risk of your personal details being compromised.
  • Efficient and polite customer service is available and it is easy to reach the customer service team by using the app
  • You can access any live streams that are available via the app.
  • You can access the full range of sports and betting options on the app, as well as place live bets should you want to.

5 tips on using a crypto betting app

If you’re doing some sports betting with Bitcoin or another crypto currency, you need to know that you’re making the best possible use of the opportunities that the app provides. Here are five ways that you can easily improve your experience when using a crypto betting app.

  • Keep it working efficiently and properly by downloading the latest updates. This is particularly important when it comes to your online security, as these updates are often security focused.
  • Make sure you claim any app specific bonuses on offer as well as the normal welcome and loyalty bonuses. There is often an extra bet offer or similar available to customers who choose to download an app, and you won’t want to miss out!
  • Have a proper betting strategy that makes good use of your sporting knowledge. It is not a good idea, for example, to use the app to bet on sports of which you have absolutely no knowledge at all, as you will be taking a really big risk that is usually just not worth it.
  • Keep a close eye on your bankroll and never bet when you are stressed or angry. When using crypto it is especially important that you manage your stake size well and never bet more than you can afford. If you keep a close eye, you are less likely to be angry and make silly decisions that can cost you.
  • Look for tips on social media and talk to fellow bettors, as they can be a good source not just of tips but also about bet types and how to use crypto to your advantage.

A crypto betting app makes life easier for bettors!

Choosing a crypto betting app is pretty simple, as long as you ensure that you look for the right features. Use the above to help you find the right app, and remember that betting is supposed to be fun!