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Crypto Esports Betting Guide – The Best Esports Betting Sites Revealed!

Crypto esports betting is massive news at the moment and we are here to tell you all about it! We’ll explain what crypto esports betting is, why everyone is doing it and how you can get involved. Plus we’ll reveal how you can get some handy bonuses that’ll make your esports betting with crypto a lot more fun. So join us as we walk you through all of the best crypto esports betting sites!

What is crypto esport betting?

Crypto esports betting simply means betting on competitive gaming with cryptocurrencies. It is pretty similar to how people bet on a regular sport like football or basketball, but in this case, you’re doing it with cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on.

If you’d said the words ‘esports betting with Bitcoin’ just a couple of decades ago, nobody would have known what you were on about. But competitive gaming and cryptocurrencies have grown to be mainstream topics of discussion in recent years.

Now you can do things like watch esports tournaments on regular sports TV networks like ESPN, and so it’s only natural that you would be able to bet on esports like you would with normal sport.

Similarly, cryptocurrencies have grown from being a misunderstood piece of blockchain tech to a useful kind of digital asset used by everyone from governments and financial institutions to major corporations and businesses.

The good thing is that you don’t even need to be an expert in blockchain for esports betting. All that you have to do is to sign up to one of our recommended operators, and you’ll enjoy a simple and safe way to bet on your favourite esport.

Finding the best crypto esports betting sites

We’ve created this entire resource to give an easy way to find some great crypto esports betting sites. The good news is that more and more betting sites are starting to feature esports odds and it looks like Bitcoin is well on its way to becoming an accepted payment method at these sites.

Obviously crypto esports betting is about so much than just using Bitcoin. So we’ll also reveal things like the best place to bet on esports with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and every other cryptocurrency you’re likely to use.

Enjoy legit esports betting with crypto

You should know that we only feature crypto esports betting sites who operate completely legally. Each site featured here will have licensing and regulation from an internationally recognised gambling authority. This means that they are acting legally in offering you esports bets, and such regulation goes a long way towards giving you a safe and fair esports betting experience.

The biggest games for crypto esports betting

League of Legends is arguably the world’s biggest esport, but you’ll see lots of people also betting on Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2. Recently, there’s been a surge in betting on esports ranging from Call of Duty and Rainbow Six through to Valorant and Overwatch. Plus when you throw things like FIFA, NBA2K, Starcraft 2 and Rocket League into the mix, you’ll see that you have plenty of choice for your esports bets.

Not only do you have the freedom to bet on all of these different esports, but you should be able to enjoy lots of crypto betting markets too. This means that you can bet on everything from the winner of each match and the winner of massive tournaments like ESL and The International, but you can also hunt down the best value for bets for things like first kill, first Roshan killed and so on.

Getting a bonus for your crypto esports bets

The good news is that each esports betting site featured here will probably give you some kind of welcome bonus for signing up to its site for the first deal. These deals will usually give you lots of extra betting credit just for you putting down a qualifying deposit or qualifying bet. This means that your first esports bets could be made with money that isn’t necessarily yours. A great introduction to the world of crypto esports betting!

Conclusion – Your resource for crypto esports betting

Not only is crypto esports betting great fun, but it’s evolving all of the time. After all, you’re facing a growing number of coins that you can bet with and there’s a great choice of games to bet on. This means that our resource is going to get bigger to match the challenge of covering this growing phenomenon. So make sure that you keep checking back here to get the most out of your crypto esports betting!