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What is Crypto Sports Betting?

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Keen-eyed betting fans are sure to have noticed the growing role that crypto currencies are playing in the marketplace. There is a growing list of online bookmakers that are offering crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods on their sites. Crypto sports betting is becoming more popular with punters too.

While this might seem unfamiliar and perhaps daunting to some people, in actual fact using crypto currencies for online betting is very easy and not very different to betting with more conventional payment methods. Sports betting with crypto is very simple and using crypto can make betting more secure and anonymous. Read on to find out more!

What is a crypto currency?

A crypto currency is a type of currency that is not issued by a national government. It can function as both a payment method and a currency, and is generally viewed as a very anonymous and secure way of paying for things online. A crypto currency is usually secured using a blockchain ledger as well as cryptography.

This might have got you wondering which sports betting sites accept Litecoin already, but before you dive into the world of crypto sports betting there are other things to consider.

What is crypto sports betting?

From the above, you have probably already worked out what crypto sports betting entails. Crypto horse betting, or betting on any other sport using crypto, is simply the act of placing a sports bet using crypto currency rather than another payment method such as a debit card or ewallet such as PayPal. It really is as simple as that! There is no need to feel overawed by new technology as crypto currency is merely a different way of funding your account.

Before you start sports betting with crypto, find a crypto wallet

One thing that is essential for successful crypto sports betting is a good crypto wallet. This is absolutely essential for anyone interested in betting with crypto. There are many options when it comes to crypto wallets, but it is essential that you select one that will meet your needs. Seek out a crypto wallet with the following features and you should be alright:

  • Two-factor authentication to protect against hacks.
  • Automated log-out to minimise risk of others accessing your wallet.
  • Local storage of the private key to the wallet, as storing them on a server can be risky.
  • Crypto wallets should be easily usable, with robust user interfaces.
  • You should be able to back up your wallet in case of mishap.

How to place a crypto sports bet

Placing a crypto sports bet follows the same process as betting using any other kind of payment method. So, crypto NFL betting follows pretty much the same process as normal online NFL betting. Before you place the bet, you need to select or change your payment method so that you are using your chosen crypto currency. While Bitcoin is the most famous crypto currency out there, there is a growing number of alternatives that all offer different pros and cons. Other crypto currencies accepted at online betting sites include Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano and Ethereum.

How to find the best crypto sports betting sites

Once you have chosen a crypto currency and obtained a crypto wallet, you need to select a crypto betting site to use. The best crypto sports betting sites have these features:

Excellent range of sports covered, including esports such a CSGO and Dota 2

  • Live, in-play betting markets are available with live streams also offered, if possible.
  • Customer services are easy to contact, with live chat, email and phone options all available.
  • The site uses strong security measures such as SSL encryption to keep your data safe.
  • The site design makes it simple to find the markets you are looking for.
  • You can choose from a range of crypto currencies to use.

Tips on how to build a crypto betting strategy

Obviously, sports betting with Bitcoin or any other crypto currency requires you to put together an astute strategy if you want to be successful. If you want to be successful when crypto football betting you need to know as much as possible about football, for example. Here are some other things that you can do to boost your chances of success when you are engaged in some crypto sports betting.

  • Focus on one or two sports, and learn as much as you can about them by following all of the latest news.
  • When you have chosen your sports, use social media to boost your knowledge – you can follow the Twitter accounts of journalists and players for example.
  • Chat to more experienced bettors on social media channels such as Reddit and Facebook, as they can offer advice about bet types.
  • Focus on two or three leagues within your chosen sport as this means you will not spread yourself too thinly and waste time.
  • Always check the latest results for the form of teams or players, but also look for other stats such as the times when goals are scored. These can be particularly useful if you enjoy live betting.
  • Keep a close eye on your bankroll at all times – a good crypto wallet can make this easier!
  • Never bet when stressed or angry as you will make poor decisions that could cost you.

Crypto sports betting is simple and fun!

Crypto sports betting is very simple and should not be daunting at all, even if you are not a seasoned sports bettor who has been interested in betting for many years. The process of placing a bet using crypto is very much the same as using any other kind of payment method, but make sure that you have obtained a good crypto wallet before you start! And always remember that betting is supposed to be entertainment!