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Blockchain Betting Platform Guide – What is Blockchain for Esports Betting?

Welcome to our guide to finding the perfect blockchain betting platform. We are here to show you what we mean by blockchain betting and show you those sites who give you a safe and easy way to use cryptos to put down your bets. So take a look below and see what kinds of blockchain betting platforms are out there!

What is a blockchain betting platform?

You might already be familiar with the word blockchain. This refers to a kind of publicly shared ledger that keeps account of all transactions made with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Such blockchain technology enables people to enjoy a transparent and secure way of handling transactions across borders without the need for any intervention from a regular banking institution or government.

We’re here because this blockchain tech has also been used to let you put down bets on things like esports and regular sports. This is because you can sign up to a crypto betting site, make a deposit with a cryptocurrency, put down a bet, and get paid back in the crypto.

The blockchain tech would make a record of each transaction made and it would offer you a frictionless way to move your money around. Make sure to read our guide to, What is crypto betting? for more about this.

Chances are that you’ll probably be using a crypto betting website, but we have also seen many different kinds of crypto betting app crypto betting app being unveiled recently. These are usually available for Android and iOS devices and act as a portable blockchain betting platform in your pocket.

All about blockchain for esports betting

There’s been an explosion in the number of online betting sites who let you bet on esports with the use of blockchain technology. This means that you’ll get a big choice of odds for massive esports like Dota 2, CSGO and LoL, and you’ll also face a decent variety of cryptocurrencies for making deposits and withdrawals.

As a result, you could add funds to your account with anything from Bitcoin to Dogecoin, win your esports bets, and then make a withdrawal back to your crypto wallet. Easy!

A quick word about blockchain for sports betting

Not only can you use a blockchain betting platform for betting on esports, but the crypto sports betting scene has also grown massively in the past decade. This effectively means that you can bet on a massive number of sports taking place all over the world with your cryptos deposits. So whether you want to bet on football, hockey, basketball, MMA fighting or tennis, you’ll never have a faster or more fun way to try your luck!

Helping you find the perfect blockchain betting platform

It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy crypto esports betting or betting on regular sport, as we’ve compiled a list of blockchain betting platforms who are perfect for your bets.

You can simply scroll down our shortlist and find a site who’s safe, legal and making great use of blockchain technology. So that whether you want to bet on LoL with Ethereum or bet on football with Bitcoin, we’ll help you find your perfect site!

Conclusion – Your guide to blockchain betting platform technology

Blockchain technology is a pretty simple concept and it’s great to see how it is having a big impact on the world of betting. We believe that things are going to become bigger and better for crypto betting tech, and so you should remember to return to this page to make sure that you are always using the best blockchain betting platforms!